Checklist for International Guest Students


Welcome to Rostock!

We are very pleased being able to welcome you to our university, and would like to actively give you a helping hand in the first few days after your arrival.

We have composed this checklist with initial important information for you, to ensure you’re having a smooth start.

8. Organisation of Studies

8. Organisation of Studies

If you arrive early, and have time before lectures start, you can find out about the Introductory Events, preparatory courses and propaedeutics in Rostock International House or in the study offices of the respective faculties.

Take the opportunity to review the annotated list of lectures online and to create your own individual timetable.
Here are the relevant links: ( → Module List)

Every course of study is different. It is therefore important to attend the introductory events for the individual courses, so that you will be well prepared for the start of your studies. The contacts in the faculties and student associations of the faculties will help you during your studies and in preparation for them (in creating your timetable, for example).

SAILCOMPASS will help you to improve your language skills before, and at any time during, your studies and offers E-Learning Units in German and English:

Some of the units require entering a user name (“sailcompass”) and a password (“enter”). You can then access all units and expand your language skills flexibly and voluntarily.

9. Leisure Activities

9. Leisure Activities

As part of the Orientation Week organised by Rostock International House, you can find out about the semester offers in the Language Centre and University Sport Department.

A group of students has set themselves the goal of supporting international students in their organisation and of accompanying them with a diverse programme during their stay in Rostock.

Do not hesitate in making early contact with the Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI), to be regularly informed, about get-togethers, parties, excursions and lots more:

You can also contact LEI on social media:
Instagram: @lei_rostock

At Rostock International House, we would be pleased to provide you with valuable tips in person to make -the first couple of days of your stay as smooth as possible.
Feel free to write us an email, drop in or call us up during our opening times – we are looking forward to hearing from you.

10. Important contacts in Rostock

10. Important contacts in Rostock

Rostock International House - Incoming Section
Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498 1209
Parkstrasse 6
18057 Rostock, Germany

Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar
St.-Georg-Str. 104-107
D-18055 Rostock, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 381 4592 600

Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI)
Instagram: @lei_rostock

Commerzbank Rostock
Lange Str. 1
18055 Rostock, Germany

Ortsämter’ (City Hall) in Rostock
The following is a list of the local authorities and their contact details:

Migrationsamt’ (Migration Office)
Neuer Markt 3
18055 Rostock, Germany

1. Accommodation

1. Accommodation

You should always start your search for a room from your home-country to get information about the accommodation options in Rostock.

Please do also take note of the tips that we've put together for you in the “BEFORE ARRIVAL” checklist.

Our recommendation:
For new students it is more beneficial, for engaging with other students alone, to live in the student dormitory for the first year of studies. Moreover, there are not many other opportunities of finding accommodation so easily and cheaply in Rostock, since the situation on the housing market is very tight.

Ideally, you should sign a rental agreement for your room in the dormitory at the Studierendenwerk within the first three days of arrival.

When doing so, the following documents must be submitted:

  • signed rental offer
  • letter of admission
  • ID or passport
  • details of your German bank account

The handover of the key and your receiving of the written confirmation from the landlord (‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’) will take place directly in the residences, and will be carried out through the tutor or the caretaker of the respective student dormitory.

The Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) will be happy to help, if you still need tableware for your room.

Important: Your new address in Rostock will be required urgently by the city’s authorities (Ortsamt and Migrationsamt), your bank, your health insurance company, and the university.

If you have not managed to get accommodation in the student residences or a shared flat, you can spend your first nights in a hostel or a youth guesthouse.
Refer to the following website for more information:

2. Taking out Insurance

2. Taking out Insurance

You must be able to provide evidence of adequate health insurance coverage, for both your enrolment at the university, and for the extension of your stay (visa/ residence permit) in Germany.

EU students:
Proof of the European Health Insurance Card is not sufficient. You must ask an official German health insurance company for a confirmation of your insurance.
The University of Rostock, and Rostock International House will provide support in this regard within the events of the Orientation Week.

Non-EU students:
You only need travel insurance to enter Germany. After your arrival, you must take out an appropriate - preferably a statutory - health insurance.

If you have evidence of private foreign health insurance, it will need to be checked by a German health insurance company to ensure that it provides adequate coverage.

Our recommendation:
You should also take out personal liability and accident insurance that covers return transport to your home country (in the event of illness or death).

3. Immatriculation/ Enrolment

3. Immatriculation/ Enrolment

Enrolment for all visiting students is carried out in the Studierendensekretariat (Parkstrasse 6) during the Orientation Week.

The following documents must be presented for the enrolment:

You will receive the following documents:

  1. Student ID for public transport
  2. Certificate indicating the expected duration of study/ standard study period for the ‘Migrationsamt’

You will also receive a student ID, a personal user identification (User ID), an initial password and an email address in order to being able to use the University Network Services. You can use these details to access the internet in all university buildings.

The University of Rostock, permits access to the internet in university buildings and residences via the “eduroam” network. You need to log in using the registration details you were given during enrolment to access the network.

Use the following format:
User name: User
Password: The password you chose when activating your User ID.

4. Paying the Semester Contribution

4. Paying the Semester Contribution

After enrolment, you must transfer the currently established semester contribution of 266,00€ to the university account.

  IBAN: DE59 1304 0000 0107 3733 00
  Payment purpose: relevant semester, surname, forename, matriculation number

Please do make an ordinary bank transfer and no End-to-End or Real-Time bank transfer.

As an alternative, you can pay the semester contribution at the Commerzbank (Lange Str. 1, 18055 Rostock, Germany).
Make sure that the bank gives you a payment receipt for the transaction.
The opening times and contact details for the Commerzbank can be found on the following website:

ERASMUS+ students at the University of Rostock don’t pay a fee for the tuition or administration or any administrative services. However, all students at the University of Rostock are obliged to pay a semester contribution. This contribution is at the moment 227,00 Euro for each semester. The contribution consists of 130,00 Euro for local public transport, 9,00 Euro for the student union General Students’ Committee (AStA) and 75,00 Euro as a social contribution for the Studierendenwerk.

The public transport ticket can only be offered to students to this heavily discounted price, because all students have to take the ticket. A non-discounted ticket for example costs at the moment 372,00 Euro alone for one semester.

The student union organizes several events for students and offers discounted tickets or tickets free of charge for cultural events in Rostock.

The social contributions to the Studierendenwerk allows them to operate several canteens for students, where students can buy heavily discounted meals every day. Furthermore, the Studierendenwerk offers the dormitory to students.

Those discounts make life for students in Rostock easier and affordable and the discounts are only possible, because all students have to pay this solidarity contribution. We also have information about the semester contribution here, unfortunately only available in German.

5. Registration at the local authority/town hall

5. Registration at the local authority/town hall

You must register at your local ‘Ortsamt’, after you arrive. Rostock International House will provide help in this regard during the Orientation Week.

The following documents are required for registration:

  • Passport/ ID
  • Landlord's certificate (‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’)
  • Student ID/ enrolment receipt

You should also enquire about the students’ welcome payment.

6. Registration at the Migration Office

6. Registration at the Migration Office

For Non-EU students:
Students from non-European countries must register with the Migration Office.
Rostock International House also provides help with this visit to the authorities as part of the Orientation Week.

The following documents are required for registration in original and as a copy:

  • Application form for granting a residence permit
  • Copy of passport/ ID
  • Rental agreement
  • Registration certificate (‘Ortstamt’)
  • evidence of Health Insurance
  • Certificate of expected study duration/standard study period
  • Proof of financing
  • Biometric passport photograph
7. Opening a Bank Account

7. Opening a Bank Account

We recommend opening an account with a German bank for paying rent in the dormitory and, if applicable, for paying your health insurance.
Some banks offer opening a student account at no additional cost.

The following documents are required to open an account:

  • Passport/ ID
  • Current enrolment receipt
  • Registration certificate

Important: If necessary, give your new account number to your health insurance company and also to the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar.

Here you can download a short version of this checklist.