Exchange opportunities

You have various options for coming to Rostock.

Through the Erasmus+ Programme
If the faculty at your home university has an agreement with the University of Rostock, you can easily organise your guest studies in Rostock through the ERASMUS+ programme. You can see an overview of the ERASMUS+ partnerships here.

If your faculty is not listed, but a different faculty at your home university cooperates with the University of Rostock, then it’s possible for you to come to Rostock by using the other faculty. It is possible in case the respective faculties agree.

Each faculty has its own departmental coordinator to help with any study-specific queries:

Through University Partnerships
Besides agreements through the ERASMUS+ programme, the University of Rostock has a worldwide network of university partnerships, which are also possible to use for a Guest Study period. Find a list of our partner universities here.

As a Free Mover
If your home university is not on the list, you can also come to Rostock as a Free Mover, in other words outside of an exchange programme. It will depend on your faculty whether you can come to Rostock as a Free Mover, since it is them who will have to agree to your intended guest studies.

Please contact the International Office at your home university first. They will give you all the information about the selection process at your university, options for financing the guest study period, and the awarding of credit points.

Language Requirements
Most lectures and seminars take place in German, therefore good German language skills are a requirement if you decide to take up a guest study period in Rostock.

Given that you only have to provide a B1 level language certificate in accordance with CEFR, it’s relatively easy to apply for guest studies compared to applicants, wishing to take up full-time studies. However, there is an exception for students of the Medical Faculty, you have to provide a B2 level certificate of German language knowledge.

Perhaps you're now thinking that studying at the University of Rostock without German language skills is not possible at all?

Don't worry: There are also a few modules and courses in English to choose from.