During the semester

This page will provide important information about the administrative tasks that you need to deal with during the semester.

Please read this information carefully and contact us, if you have any questions.

Registration for examinations:

Registration for examinations:

If you want to take examinations, you need to register for them.

There is no common procedure for this, and each faculty has its own rules. Please contact the Examination Office in your faculty, or for your course, and ask how to register for the examinations.

Do not wait too long, there is a registration period, and registration, after this deadline has expired, is no longer possible.

Moreover, in most faculties you do not receive any ECTS Points just for participation in a course, without having taken an examination. Therefore, please ask your lecturers and professors whether an examination is necessary to obtain ECTS Points.

If you stay at Rostock Uni for a second semester:

If you stay at Rostock Uni for a second semester:

1. Re-registration:

Regardless of whether your stay was planned for two semesters from the outset, or you have only just decided to extend your guest studies, you need, in all cases, to re-register.
It means that you inform the university that you will be continuing your studies in the next semester.

To do this, you must transfer the semester fee for the next semester to the university account, but only during the re-registration period.

The re-registration periods are:

  • For the coming winter semester: 01.06. to 15.07. of the year
  • For the coming summer semester: 02.01. to 15.02. of the year

Please do not miss these deadlines!

You will receive an email from the Studierendensekretariat with the account details and the exact amount of the fee.

2. Creation of a New Learning Agreement/ Study Plan:

Fill out a new Learning Agreement (ERASMUS+) or Study Plan (not ERASMUS+/ Free Mover) for the coming semester and have it signed first by your departmental coordinator and, where applicable, by Rostock International House.

Please also notify us if your stay was planned to be just for one semester and you are now extending it.

If you need a confirmation of the extension of your guest study period for your home university, you can also get it at Rostock International House, after you have all the signatures from Rostock on the new Learning Agreement/ Study Plan.

3. Renewal of the Rental Contract:

Since the contracts for your dormitory space are for a limited period of time, you must contact the Studierendenwerk in a timely manner if you wish to extend your guest study. This is important, otherwise your contract will expire at the end of the semester and you will lose your dormitory spot.

You can find your contact person who is responsible for your dormitory here: https://www.stw-rw.de/en/accommodations/contact.html

Please contact the person responsible for your dormitory and ask them to extend your lease.

Preparatory actions for the "transcript of records" (TOR)

Preparatory actions for the "transcript of records" (TOR)

If your home university needs the TOR, you have to create it by yourself.

At the start of the semester, ask your professors and lecturers which examinations you need to take and how you will get credits (Achievement Certificates) for them.

You transfer the details from the Achievement Certificates into the Transcript of Records form and then show the Transcript and all the Achievement Certificates to the departmental coordinator of your course as he/she has to sign the form.

Please ensure that you send us a copy of the Transcript of Records! After that you can send it to your home university.

(PDF) Link to Transcript of Records
(PDF) List of departmental coordinators at the University of Rostock