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EU-CONEXUS - European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

Map of the partner universites of EU-CONEXUS
Map of the partner universites of EU-CONEXUS


EU-CONEXUS is an alliance of nine European Higher Education Institutions from France, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Ireland, Cyprus and the University of Rostock.  Its visionary goal is to enable innovative and interdisciplinary research beyond borders as well as to offer to students a truly European study process. The focus is on the complex subject of smart urban coastal sustainability.

As a pioneer for the further development of the European Higher Education Area, EU-CONEXUS – like other 40 European Universities – receives funding by the European Commission.

Sustainability of urban coastlines through innovative and interdisciplinary research

This thematic focus is especially relevant in view of the advancing climate change and its consequences on increasingly densely populated coastal areas. These areas are of crucial importance for energy production and transport, trade, aquaculture, fisheries as well as tourism. Like the University of Rostock, also the eight partner universities have strong focal points in maritime and sustainability research. EU-CONEXUS thus contributes to the bundling of existing expertise as well as to a united and coordinated development of solution concepts. All researchers of partner institutions can apply for funding through EU-CONEXUS Project Development Fund in order to develop joint research projects. Further details on the funding and the requirements can be found here.

European Higher Education

In addition to the dimension of research and innovation, EU-CONEXUS also opens up a wide range of opportunities for students, e.g. European degree programmes at bachelor, master and PhD level. In such a programme, students can complete study periods at different EU universities and subsequently receive a degree certificate that is recognised throughout Europe.

Two minor programmes for students in Bachelor's degree programmes mark the beginning: Students from the University of Rostock are already attending online courses with 6 ECTS each at the partner universities of the Alliance in the winter semester 2021/2022 which will be recognised as part of their studies. You can find more information about the courses here.

Third Mission

Stronger interdisciplinary cooperation and the inclusion of societal as well as economic actors from the immediate environment of the respective universities is also an important part of the EU-CONEXUS philosophy.


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Project Management

apl. Prof. Dr. Bettina Eichler-Löbermann

e-mail: bettina.eichleruni-rostockde

Tel.: (+49) 381 498 3064

Project Coordination

Mawuena Martens

Coordinator European University

e-mail: mawuena.martensuni-rostockde

Tel.: (+49) 381 498 1010