In line with its central development goal of promoting interdisciplinarity, the University of Rostock welcomes the stay of national and international guest researchers - hereinafter referred to as fellows - and is aware of the far-reaching potential.

Fellows do not only bring their scientific expertise to the University of Rostock but also contribute to the discussion of cross-sectional topics such as interculturality, interdisciplinarity and diversity.

Especially in connection with the promotion of early career researchers, the contact between fellows and scientists in the early phase of their academic activities is an important element in the development of their competence portfolio. Dealing with cross-sectional topics enables early career researchers to develop their own awareness of the opportunities and challenges of the respective topic. The researchers broaden their personal relation to the situational significance of their own actions and are encouraged to show competence-oriented reactions to concrete situational challenges going beyond their own values and virtues.

In addition to their own scientific expertise, the ethical attitude and the handling of cross-sectional topics are highly relevant for the individual competence development of early career researchers.