Online Workshop: "Presenting with confidence: how to give powerful online presentation" - places still available!

When preparing a presentation, we generally pay scrupulous attention to the accuracy of its content, but may encounter problems when it comes to communicating these contents adequately and coherently for different audiences. The way in which we communicate our information will decide on the impact we make on our audience – and can, in the worst case, impair understanding. This is particularly true when we need to give a presentation online: in this scenario we need to make an extra effort to captivate the audience and keep their attention.

The aim of these two short workshops that build upon each other is to familiarise participants with the basics of good presentation techniques and support them in their efforts to communicate more successfully. In part one we will focus on using body language, articulation and voice in support of a more effective communication. In part two all participants will have the opportunity to try out these presentation skills in a presentation of their own choosing. Each participant will receive individual feedback and advice.

This course is free of charge for members and externals.

More Information and registration

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