MARE BALTICUM WORKSHOP: "Interethnic and gendered encounters in Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity"

The colluquium will focus upon early Jewish and Christian texts that describe encounters between people from different ethnic groups. These texts will be analyzed in the context of interethnic encounters in the ancient world more broadly, focusing specifically upon Greek and Roman contexts, with special attention to the gendered dynamics in the encounters. Our analysis will pay attention to the differing ways in which gendered performances are managed and contested in interethnic encounters.

Topics: Gender, Ethnicity, Early Judaism/early Christianity, Target audience: Postdocs and advanced Masters students, INF Department Wissen-Kultur-Transformation, Number of participants: 15, Language: English, Registration: required for participation in presence


Contact & Registration
Prof. Soham Al-Suadi (host scientist)
Faculty of Theology
Section New Testament
Tel.: +49 381 498 8425

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