Job application in Germany

Germany is an exporting nation with lots of economic relations into the world. The employers claim to have increasing problems to find good and the right employees for the upcoming challenges, especially in export oriented industries. The world is melting together which also is showing in some of the work/project teams that are put together from the employers.

In our workshop „Job application in Germany“ we offer know how on employment market segmentation and on specific know-how concerning written application processes. And we will provide you with successful strategies on how to present yourself in interviews.

How can a graduate with an international background open doors when applying for a job in interpersonal communication? What are the expectations of an employer towards these applicants? Is German language knowledge crucial? Am I compared with graduates that have a German language background? What is important to know about protokoll and question asked in a job interviewAnd what do I have to do to get the job offer?

Do’s and Don’ts within the process of applying for a job in Germany shall be what this workshop wants to get close to you. Anja Klütsch, Head of the Careers Service, has many years of experience accompanying graduates into the job market. The knowledge will be shared (in English) and shall enable you to perform well in a job interview with German employers. Questions you cannot ask within an application process will be answered from the employer perspective. Enter the German job market more successfully with the know-how provided in this workshop.


Where: Workshop (in presence), Student Service Center, Parkstr. 6, Room 131, 1st floor, 18057 Rostock.
Your workshop manager: Anja Klütsch, Head of the Careers Service
Language: English
Participants: max 25 students
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