1st LiMatI Summer School 2022

The aim of this event is to bring together the new PhD students working in the field of LiMatI.
We offer lectures by renowned experts as well as hands-on practices in various tutorial sessions.

About the Collaborative Research Center LiMatI
The mission of the CRC 1477 LiMatI (Light-Matter Interactions at Interfaces) is the exploration of light-matter interactions at interfaces employing strong ultrafast fields and dedicated targets. We investigate how the geometrical, electronic and topological structure of light-matter systems with interfaces affect the sub-cycle emission of radiation and particles in strong fields, and how specific excitations and their transport dynamics can be controlled using interfaces with tailored optical and electronic properties. Recent progress in strong-field laser physics, integrated photonics, and condensed matter physics allows pushing light-matter interactions at surfaces and interfaces beyond previous limits, providing the basis for the challenging scientific projects within CRC LiMatI.

More Information

Registration until 20.08.2022

Professor Dr. Dieter Bauer

Dr. Marika Behnert


  • SFB - 1477 LiMatI


  • Universität Rostock

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