+++ CANCELLED +++ Stories to tell from freedivers and diving animals - towards noninvasive physiological measurements in freely diving organisms

In this lecture, Dr. Chris McKnight will give detailed insight into his research on diving physiology in freedivers and pinnipeds. This lecture will cover the state of the art in physio-logging technology in free-ranging animals and will provide a current perspective on the technologies and physiological metrics that can currently be measured and how these data are synthesized with behavioral and environmental data. The lecture will then focus on the current and potential future role that biomedical optics could have in ecology. This role will be split into two sections: i) measurement of physiological parameters important for diving physiology, and; ii) measurement of cortical activation in diving animals. The lecture will go on the future perspectives of NIRS in particular, research goals/questions, current hurdles, and potential solutions.

Number of participants: 50, Language: English, Registration: not required


Prof. Dr. Frederike Hanke (host scientist)
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institute for Biosciences
Marine Science Center
Tel: +49 381 666 97 19 14

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