Research Summer Camp „Future use and protection of coasts“

The Research Summer Camp is open to PhD students, Postdocs and Master students who are planning a PhD study. The schedule consists of plenary sessions, key note speeches and parallel group work on three topics:

  1. Restoration of coastal wetlands and rehabilitation of ecosystem functions
    (chair: Bernd Lennartz / Haojie Liu / Sate Ahmad)
  2. Green coastal protection – towards quantifying the benefits of vegetated foreshores and other nature-based solutions
    (chair: Arne Arns)
  3. Terrestrial-marine interactions - a hotspot of human errors that bridge time intelligently?
    (chair: Arne Schoor)

Each working group is led by one or two scientists of the University of Rostock. Depending on the outcome of discussions and group work it is the objective of the Research Camp to write on a joint paper, to identify knowledge gaps, to work on a common available database and maybe to develop a prospective research project. The Research Camp has an interdisciplinary approach and aimed at all those who are interested in coastal sciences in the broadest sense.

Venue Online Conference Meeting
Target group PhD students, Postdocs and Master students
Language English
Tuition fee None
Date 23. - 26.08.2021
Deadline for application 15.07.2021

Programme and Timetable


Universität Rostock
Dr. Uta Buttkewitz
Universitätsplatz 1
D-18051 Rostock