Summer School on Modern Quantum Technologies

Quantum physics lies at the heart of our understanding of the natural world. Harnessing the quantum aspects of Nature has already resulted in novel technologies for communication, computing, and precise measurements. The expected impact of these technologies is hailed as the second quantum revolution, with immediate applications ranging from atom-based interferometry to quantum key distribution and quantum simulation. The common goal of establishing modern quantum technologies is neither con ned to a single physical platform nor to a single research method.

Within this framework, we propose to set up a Summer School on Modern Quantum Technologies as a collaborative educational project by the University of Rostock, the Kiev Academic University (Ukraine), and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU). Participation of students and speakers from other universities and research institutions is envisage and will be encouraged. The idea of the school is to integrate the skills and knowledge of German and Ukrainian scientists working with modern quantum technologies.

Our aim is to provide German and Ukrainian students with intensive lecture courses related to the research activities in both universities. The students will be able to obtain knowledge and skills in the eld of modern quantum technologies that are not covered at their respective home universities. While the research of the groups in Rostock is generally focussed on quantum optical investigations, the Ukrainian groups in Kiev and Kharkiv investigate superconducting elements of quantum computers as well as graphene - a new material with promising quantum properties.

The format of the school includes an active participation of the students. The speakers will propose problems, which shall be solved by students in small international groups. Such work will provide the students with an experience of international cooperation, which is important for contemporary research environments.